Traveling has become an inseparable part of human beings. Many people love to travel by airways since it saves enormous amount of time. But as compared to railways and roadways, the expenses incurred in airways are always higher. Hence, finding cheap flight tickets is the basic thing that comes to the mind of people while planning their voyage.

You have surely heard about how the usage and irresponsible dumping of plastic bags can cause wide scale damage to the environment. Are you a store owner who just took a pledge of using biodegradable plastic bags from this moment onward? That’s a very noble move but one that needs to be planned meticulously and in detail. Here is a step by step guide to choosing the right biodegradable plastic bag. Now you can save the environment without a worry!

Exercise And Appetite

29 July 2015

You might think that if you exercise more you will eat more and this will in turn lessen the effect of your exercise on your weight. People who begin moderate exercise programs, however, show little or no change in appetite. Most people can do fitness workouts of 30 to 60 minutes several days a week without increasing their caloric intake. Some individuals even find that they are not as hungry and eat less when they are active on a regular basis.

What Is Marketing Myopia

28 July 2015

The term marketing myopia is not just a term used in marketing but a paper written by Theodore Levitt, the paper first published in 1960 by the Harvard Business review where he was an editor.

Paris is situated in France and is the capital of France. Paris is the largest city in France. Paris is a city of fame and art, culture. People go there to enjoy the Eiffel Tower and the other structures. It is among the most populated areas in Europe. Southern France is a beautiful place to go to. France is connected to UK by the Channel Tunnel. The channel tunnel passes underneath the English Channel.

Setting goals, both short term and long term ones, are considered to be the most effective way of achieving success in your life, so says almost all spiritual gurus and leaders you must have come across. But what about being committed and driven towards those goals?

While the world is abuzz with the devil of a killer Alzheimer’s disease and its many other ill effects, most people suffering from it and their well-wishers often overlook the most simple ways to avoid succumbing to the killer Alzheimer’s disease in the first place or improve the condition of the patient even if the Alzheimer’s disease has already set in. so what are these ground breaking modern methods to contain the Alzheimer’s disease that are being discussed here?

Running and jogging are the best form of natural exercises that there are in case you are the sort who prefers to stay away from the pumping machines at the gym and the treadmill. But what should you do about the accessories for your running and jogging routine? Can you just put on any pair of feet covering shoe and start romping off to glory? Yes, if you have a wish to succumb to injuries and other long term physiological problems of the feet.

Recent announcement by Amazon about the new device ‘Echo’ alias Alexa. Most people though that it was one more cylindrical tower wireless speaker. To answer it indeed is a speaker which wirelessly connects to network however it does more than a wireless speaker. It can stream music from Amazon's Prime Music library, Amazon Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and play music collections stored locally on devices. It can answers questions "Alexa, How tall is Mount Everest.", add appointments "Alexa, Add calender, Lunch with John tomorrow at 12:00pm". Echo can also add items to shopping list just by promoting "Alexa, add serials to shopping list.".

Amazon Echo can be activated by calling "Alexa" however,  the calling name can be changed to "Amazon" if need be. This feature could be useful for buyers with another Alexa in the family.

Setting up

Amazon Echo can be setup using a web browser or using Amazon Echo App. The app is freely available on App Store, Google Play and Amazon Store.

Enter Alexa

One can speak to Echo from wherever the person is in the room. No need to be close to Echo. Amazon recommends setting it up in the center of a big room. The speech recognition and voice input accuracy is very well taking by Amazon. The command are taken clearly by Echo from about 30 feet away.

So finally the price, Amazon Echo is available online for $179, but there is a good news for Amazon Prime member, Echo is sold for $99 for Prime Members.

Accurate voice input
Good audio

Two option (Alexa or Amazon) to activate Echo

When travelling, phone can be your best friend and. In the age of smartphones, and robust apps are like guiding stars. These apps can help you from booking tickets to find help in local city there you may be travelling. Hence we have worked on the Top 10 travel apps of 2015 for iPhone, iPad and Android over the holidays.

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