As we all know Google for creating world class applications. Google India has launched a new product called Google SMS Channels. This website lets users subscribe to news, blog and other kinds of information like stocks, jokes, sports, or horoscope via SMS text messages.

Anyone having Indian phone number can subscribe to Google SMS Channels on mobile phone via SMS, for example you can join KuchBhi on Google SMS Channels.


Downloading of movies is growing on the internet however many times you head into Oblivion. You have no clue of what the file will contain. The quality may be crappy, your favorite movie with crappy format, or a good quality movie with not proper format.

For instance, no one would prefer to watch favorite movie in bad format or quality.

IMDB is best source for great scripts, or you can learn about the video formats and get knowledge of using VCD Quality software.

The researchers at XEROX have created paper which self erases within 24 hours and can be reuse. The catch is that you can't just use regular ink for it to work. You need a certain type of light

Paul Smith, manager of the Xerox Research Center of Canada’s new materials design and synthesis lab, has quoted :

Rains in Mumbai

03 July 2009
As the monsoon season approaches, Mumbai is pulled into its drift. Every time monsoon hits the city, it brings along numerous problems. Every individual is happy to witness the shower that ensures relief from the heat wave. At the same time, the monsoon spells increase in number of road accidents, water logging leading to more and more vehicles breaking down on the watery roads. These events have become a regular feature with the Mumbai rains. People can practice precautions to avoid any problems caused due to the heavy rains of the monsoon.

As most of the population in Mumbai is working and needs to commute every day to the workplace, first and foremost precaution is inevitably the service of the car or the bike or any other vehicle that they people are using.

Peace March at Gateway of India

04 December 2008

On 3rd December 2008, Mumbai organized Peace March at Gateway of India to show support for the "Enough is Enough" campaign. This campaign was organized in the protest of recent terrorists attack on Mumbai. The peace rally had more then 10,000 people from various religion INDIANS at Gateway of India.

Following are the photo collection of post Peace March at Gateway of India. I would like everyone to please share as many photos of the peace march, please post the link below of mail it to us.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is planning to make eco-friendly move by implementing a new rule. This rule will make it compulsory for developers to have grey water recycling plants in all new constructions that have more than 60 units (i.e. 240 residents). If any residential projects that are spread on plots of over 2,000 square metres and do not have the facility, their work completion certificate will not be issued by the BMC.

Grey water is generated from domestic processes such as bathing, washing dishes and doing the laundry. Approximately five to seven litres of water is used each time a person flushes. Grey water forms 50 to 80 per cent of waste water from residential premises. As per the sources if grey water is treated by housing societies, water shortage will be solved, which will in turn reduce the water bill. The recycled water can be used for flushing, gardening purposes and etc.

Anil Diggikar, Additional municipal commissioner said that “Once the draft is ready, we will invite suggestions and objections from citizens and in couple of months, we will make it mandatory to install grey water treatment plants

This rule will also be applicable to existing societies, but the society should have more than 240 residents. The expense will have to be borne by the housing society itself,” he said.

“During times of crisis, the BMC may announce some incentives and tax benefits under this scheme. Presently, there are some societies that are praticising grey water recycling, including Hiranandani society in Powai. The effective use of grey water will also help reduce the load on municipal infrastructure, including water supply, wastewater treatment and solid waste management,” said a civic officer on condition of anonymity.

For Mumbai Region With Effect From 1<sup>st</sup> February 2004

  • Minimum fare for 1.6 Kms. is Rs. 09.00
  • Subsequent Km.amount is Rs. 05.00
  • 25% additional fare for journey from 12.00 midnight to 05.00 a.m

For Mumbai Region With Effect From 1st April 2007

Minimum fare for 1.6 Kms. is Rs. 13.00
Subsequent Km.amount is Rs. 08.00
25% additional fare for journey from 12.00 midnight to 05.00 a.m

Is A DTAA Enough?

10 January 2012

Indian is apparently edging closer to determining and appropriating the undeclared wealth of Indians stashed away in secret numbered accounts in Switzerland, going by the recent amendment to the two countries

Water Issues Of The Nation

05 January 2012

Bathing in India is more than just a matter of hygiene, and water, more than just H2O. It's as if your soul is cleansed and your sins washed away by the power of water’s inherent properties. Even today, in many households, entry to the kitchen is banned without taking a bath beforehand. Bathing after attending funerals or after an eclipse is imperative.

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