Are you a newlywed couple planning a honeymoon? This is one trip in your lifetime that you don’t want to mess up. Plan it carefully and meticulously in order to ensure that you make memories worth of a lifetime on this trip. But how is planning a honeymoon different from planning a regular vacation?

Are you planning on going on a trekking trip or a backpacking trip across the countryside but doesn’t know how to go around buying the perfect backpack? You must not ignore purchasing the right backpack thinking that it is nothing more than a luggage carrier. Remember that you will have to carry it on your shoulders throughout the day and in all probability this will be your only piece of luggage.

Are you planning a trip to the beach for the first time and is sceptical about the fun that you might be having? Here are 4 tips that you must follow in order to ensure that your vacation on the beach is an enjoyable one. A ruined vacation is the worst possible thing when you have spent a truckload of money on organizing one.

Are you worried that travelling will ruin your financial situation and dry up all your savings? Are you postponing the vacation due to worries that it will incur a lot of expense? Well, here are 5 tips on minimizing expenses while travelling. A vacation is a necessity for many. A properly executed vacation will enable you to get back to your work with full gusto and also is very effective for improving family bonds or friendly relations. It might be also the case that you love travelling in general and want to go on a vacation.

Choosing the place to stay is the first thing you do when you are planning your holiday or business trips. The place of residence will be your home away from home for the duration of the stay and thus it is recommended you put in a lot of thought behind choosing one.

When you ignore this aspect of any travel, you are surely going to regret it later. A wrong choice of accommodation can ruin a perfectly planned trip. Here are a few tips for choosing your hotel:

Who doesn’t want to arrive at their destination in vogue, sporting a set of spanking clean clothes? Perfectly creased where you want them.

But the truth is travel has a tendency of doing funny things to your luggage and the clothes inside tend to get tossed around a lot. As a result they don’t look the way you had packed them. As more and more travellers tend to join the culture of one-bag-travel, thus carrying only what is needed. Here are a few tips to help you have an efficient wardrobe while on the go.

Desert Trip Essentials

30 January 2012

The thought of a desert puts these in your mind: extensive sand suns, scorching heat and sparse vegetation and water bodies.

As a result, a trip across a desert is a test of physical endurance in most cases. Here is a check list of items to assist you in your desert trip.

Bhutan is popularly known as the ‘Land of Thunder Dragons’. Bhutan is very large and mountainous with an area of about 46,500 square kilometres and it can be compared to Switzerland both in terms of its size and topography.

Budget On Travel

29 November 2011

Going on a trip sounds amazing and fantastic. There are some prerequisites before going on a trip. You must plan your trip with a budget in mind and also, the areas you would like to spend more money on. If your budget is high for traveling then

Kerala is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the India. This green place is also known to be God’s Own Country. National Geographic Traveler Magazine has declared this to be abundant in natural beauty and it is also ranked amongst the top 50 of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world. Apart from its unique geographical features and abundant natural beauty, this place is also rich in its cultural features. Kerala is recognized as an international tourist spot.

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