The book - Born Again written by Walter Semkiw has started new debate about reincarnation of the Bollywood actors and Indian leaders claim.


According to Walter Semkiw, Amitabh Bachchan and the late British actor Edwin Booth they share the same ‘soul’ and Bachchan's wife Jaya Bhaduri and Mary McVickers share same ‘soul’.

There are many people who keep searching for Indian Railways PNR Status Enquiry for their tickets and also keep looking for toll free numbers where they can get passenger information, train information and other details related to their travel by phone or sending SMS or by website.

There are various ways to get Indian Railways PNR status:

Tips For Buying A Golf Club

06 August 2012

Are you of the opinion the more money that you shell out on buying golf club the better it will be? You are completely wrong with this assumption. A necessary golf club isn’t necessarily the right golf club for you and your style of play. There are numerous manufacturers of golf clubs in the market and getting confused with the huge array of choices is normal.

Are you at a loss when it comes to choosing the right racquet for complimenting your lawn tennis skills? This article aims to make the tricky task of choosing one a lot easier for you. Remember that you shouldn’t get swayed with the miraculous features and promises most manufacturers offer.

Are you interested in buying a cricket bat but don’t know how to choose one? It can be a very confusing task considering the fact that the market is populated by numerous brands selling bats over a huge price range and other specifications. This guide aims to help you choose a cricket bat with ease; just remember these points and you will know which bat to choose.

Exercising or working out is one of the most recommended ways to maintain a healthy, fit and agile body. It’s no child’s play and one should be extremely cautious while working out. The wrong technique or the wrong type of exercises can be devastating and aggravate or cause injuries.

There are a number of benefits that running provides and it also comes with a price. But you can avoid paying this price if you happen to be careful enough to avoid these painful encounters.

People bet on various sports due to a number of reasons. There are some who do it for the sake of fun and make a game more exciting. Some would bet in favour of their favourite teams, irrespective of what the odds might be.

Auction for IPL 2011 – Season 4. Total 416 players would be put for auction in British style. A day of mixed fortunes for bidders and players alike. Majors players went unsold (like Saurav Ganguly, Anderson, Hechelle Gibbs and Brian Lara), young blood sold for prime rates. Indian players took away a huge chunk of the bidding.

As per rules, each player want to be auction must mention

Real Madrid Club de Futbol, more commonly recognized as Real Madrid worldwide is a highly professional football club located in Madrid, Spain. It’s the most successful team in Spanish football and was nominated by FIFA as the most successful club of this century. Established in year 1902, Real Madrid had ever since seen to spend all these years in the top league of Spanish football. In the era of the 1980s, the club had the fortune to be one of the best teams both in Spain as well as Europe, winning five Spanish championships back to back, two UEFA Cups, three Spanish Super Cups and one Spanish cup. Real Madrid is the world's most pricey football club (€351m) in terms of earnings.

The rivalry between Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona is one of the gruesome and long drawn in history of football with each team eyeing the top spot in the Spanish La Liga. In current era, Real Madrid has caught the headlines for signing some of the world's most expensive and best footballers, and the club has been bestowed with the recent pet name "Los Galacticos".

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