Lalbaugcha Raja in 2008

04 September 2008

Mumbai’s most popular and famous Ganesha pandal is 12-ft-tall Lalbaugcha Raja in Parel, Central Mumbai. Like every year there are many devotees who visit the pandal, even this year it is expected that nearly 1.5 million devotees will be visiting the Lalbaugcha Raja during the 10-day Ganesh Chaturthi festival in 2008.

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja

26 August 2008

Making of Lalbaugcha Raja, these are really wonderful images

Ganesha Pooja

Shri Krishna Wallpapers

15 June 2008

Lord Krishna is one of the most common worshipped god in the Hindu Religion. It is believes that Lord Krishna was the Eight Avatar of Lord Vishnu and he was born in jail cell over five thousand years ago to Devaki and Vasudeva. Lord Krishna and his brother Balrama appeared with the sole aim of getting rid of evil powers on earth, which were increasing day by day under the rule of evil king, Kansa

Some great thinker once told: ‘we don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from your children.’ So what are you doing to protect the earth’s environment? Are you of the opinion that air pollution is the government’s headache and you can go about being irresponsible and careless about it? Its time you stop and think how a few small changes in your lifestyle can reduce air pollution significantly.

Benefits of Homeschooling

26 July 2012

Do you think that your child is better suited for a homeschooling scenario than the usual schooling method? Are you reluctant and wondering what might be the benefits of homeschooling? Given, the traditional method of schooling has a number of positives but that doesn’t render homeschooling completely worthless.

Have you ever wondered how will it help you and the environment at large if you choose to go the green way for maintaining your garden? You are aiming to promote greenery by maintaining a carefully trimmed garden, but what about the environmentally degenerating effects that your means are causing? It’s time to rectify these mistakes and choose the green way of gardening.

Have you always thought that environmentalism is a costly affair which can be afforded by the rich and affluent? Well, clearly you were wrong. This piece aims to bring to you 4 simple and cost effective ways to go green this year. What makes this better is you will be saving on a serious amount of money. So not only are you saving the world, but you are also saving some money in the process!

The world today stares down at its own demise due to the over exploitation of natural resources and increasing levels of pollution. Renewable sources of energy have emerged as a savior during this doomed hour and are fast catching up.

Recycling is clearly the path the world follows at the moment to ensure minimal damage to the environment and sustainable growth.

Environmental concerns are the biggest concerns of the twenty first century and also the one that needs immediate addressing.

Environmentalists all around the world have been rallying for saving the environment from the grasps of evil industrialists and nature-poachers and almost every country has bills and laws vehemently protecting their flora and fauna. This is aimed at achieving the goal of sustainable development and protecting mankind from various natural hazards and climatic changes resulting from these environmental damages.

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