Long hours, late nights, no proper meals take toll on your skin. Going out in the sun for long hours may lately develop some sort of pigmentation on the face. The skin around the eye areas may also sag, and one may

Tests Of Body Fatness

02 January 2012

Body fatness is one of the major concerns of people these days. To deal with it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You may wonder how to check the amount of fatness the body contains. Body fatness can be evaluated by a wide variety of techniques; this section will address only the most common ones. It will start by excluding some, then recommending others.

Malaria - A Very Common Disease

26 December 2011

41 percent of the world’s population lives in areas susceptible to Malaria. Parts of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America, take the brunt of the disease.

Tired of freckles on your face?

14 December 2011

Daily fatigue and environmental aggressors like the pollution and sun’s rays, along with unhealthy eating, take quite a toll on your skin. The sun’s rays break down the collagen and elastin,

Aerobics Fitness

07 December 2011

Aerobic fitness is a good measure of your heart's ability to pump oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. Exercise scientists call aerobic fitness

With the onset of colored contact lenses, the days of spectacles have vanished. These days, there is a rising trend among many teenagers and even

adults to wear fashionable and colored contact lens. These contact lenses come in various colors such as purple, blue, gray, black and even green. Such colored contact lenses are meant to create an alluring and dazzling effect on the appearances of the lens wearers.

In health & fitness, Diet and exercise are very important. Even though you can lose weight by diet or exercise,

Health benefits of tea

02 December 2011

For a long time now, scientists have been trying to work out the health benefits of tea. Research in going on and while some studies have shown that

consumption of tea is beneficial, many others have not really been impressive. Most studies have been conducted on green tea, though other types of Cammellia Sinensis derived tea like black, white and oolong tea have also been researched.

How to treat Minor injuries?

24 November 2011

Health is Wealth. This famous proverb justifies that every human being should look after their health. Today’s generation is known to be the busiest generation. These days people especially teenagers engage themselves in sports and number of athletic activities. Occurrence of minor injury is a common thing in everyone’s life. But is it necessary to visit a doctor every time for minor injuries? Certainly not! Instead, minor injuries can be easily handled at your doorstep. But people tend to get confused and look for the ways to heal their minor injuries.

Precautions against Swine Flu

30 September 2009

During the 1918 flu pandemic, swine flu was 1st considered to be a disease related to human influenza. In the beginning it was considered that swine influenza virus only affects among the pig population world wide.Actually swine flu is a Type A influenza virus which causes regular outbreak of flu in pigs,but is rarely fatal and not affects the human race.But fom the late December of 2005, 12 cases of human infection due to swine flu was reported by the US Centre for disease cental and Prevention.But thing began to really detoriate from the late April 2009,when there was an outbreak of more than a thousand cases of swine flu infections in humans in Mexico.The incident was suspected to have 86 deaths.The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION considered the event to have ”Pandemic Potential”.Six cases of swine flu were reported on 26th April, 2009 in Canada - four students in Nova Scotia and two in British Columbia. Although the six case were very mild but the number of cases increased to 19 within a short span of 3 days time.

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