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16 December 2008

Have you ever wanted to rank Google search result? or play around to get the search on first page, or you wanted to add notes to your search results. To fulfill you wishes Google has launched new service called SearchWiKi.

What is SearchWiki?
SearchWiki lets users customize Google Web Search results by ranking or removing, and adding notes to each search result. This works only if the user is signed in to his Google Account. User can also see how other users have tailored any given search results page with their own notes and changes.

So, How do I use SearchWiKi

Google Friend Connect

07 December 2008

We all know Google for its world class services and again Google has come with a new service named Google Friend Connect which allows uses to intensify the social network by permitting site visitors to connect to blog’s and increase the network, in shot Google Friend Connect means more people engaging more deeply with your website -- and with each other.

The service can be easily configured by four easy steps:

Add two required files to your web server, Site Name and Home URL
Site Name: Kuch Bhi
Home URL:

Google Friend Connect Code

Copy "members gadget" code, here you will need to download two
files to your computer which are rpc_replay.html & canvas.html

Google Friend Connect Gadget Upload the files as is to your websites root folder,
next click on 'Test & Finalize Setup' to complete the set process.

Google Friend Connect Features Once Google verifies the files are proper
you may choose more social features as desired.



  • Anyone can join your site with one click by using their existing Google, Yahoo and other accounts.
  • Visitors can evangelize for your site by inviting their friends and publishing their activities to their social networks.
  • Social gadgets will keep these visitors more deeply engaged with your site, and with each other.


Google has launched new video and voice chat services for GMail/GTalk. It is just a click away and can be activated by pointing on contact persons name you wish to talk and select “Video and more” option from the context menu. The video window pops up if the contact has a video device.

Many times it is hard to express just by words and it does not deliver the same punch as actually hearing your friend at your jokes/comments, this is where you can now use voice and video capabilities in your GMail/GTalk.



Follow below steps to get started:

  • Download the Gmail voice and video chat plug-in, quit all open browser windows, and install the plug-in.

  • Sign in to Gmail.

  • In the Chat section of your Gmail, select the contact you want to call. If they have a camera icon next to their name, you can make a voice or video call to them; just click Video & more.

If your friend doesn't have a camera next to their name in your chat list, you can invite them to download the Gmail voice and video chat plug-in from the Video & more menu in a chat window. Even if your friend doesn't have a video camera, you can still make a voice call or a 1-way video call.



This is one of the Hindi Commercial/Ad of Indian channel DoorDarshan(DD) in late 80's published by Centre for Educational Technology (A subsidiary institute of the Ministry of Education, Government of India) for promoting National Integration among school students.

India is a country with lot of diversity in every aspect, like religion, communities, languages, cultures, philosophies, political ideologies, etc. The government always undertakes lot of activities to promote National Integration.

This is one of the masterpieces, which was created around 1985. This video is also an example of the kind of animation that was being done in India during the 80's

I am sure watching this video will make you remember your childhood days.

There are many free email services available on the web, however there are few email services that provides free POP and IMAP access. POP and IMAP access can help download your mails to any mail client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Evolution or Mac OS X Mail.

Here is the list of Top 10 Free POP3 and Free IMAP Email Services.

Gmail - Free POP and IMAP
Gmail from Google provides free POP and IMAP email service and free chat. GMail provides unlimited free online storage which allows collection all messages without having to worry about space. Gmail's simple and smart interface helps user to navigate easily. GMail also has best search which searchs the mail with ease. Gmail also has POP and powerful IMAP interfae for uses who can bring Gmail to any email program or device.

Evolution of Internet

21 September 2008

Internet now has been around for longer than many people think, with its roots back to the 1960s. Following list will give you information on its rapid growth, the fierce competition generated and the major group of actors involved:


1960s: Advent of packet-switching network heralds birth of Internet

1968: US Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) furthers packet-switching development

There are many articles about why and how to convert to Linux, and all the sites praise Linux with common reason:

  1. The freely distributable software
  2. Open Source code
  3. Open file formats
  4. Favorable licensing terms
  5. Improved security
  6. Support from the Linux community
  7. Wide variety of platforms

However, until a desktop user is provided with real alternatives to the existing software that is been currently used, migration to a different operating system is going to be very difficult.

Breaking News! Ashutosh Kaushik is the winner of the Bigg Boss 2 reality show on Colours. Three months being in the reality show, Ashutosh Kaushik tonight took the title of the 'Bigg Boss 2' and a whooping Rs one crore in cash.

The grand finale - called "jumbo finale" saw the presence of the show host, Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, and superstar Akshay Kumar - who was there to promote the animation film, "Jumbo".

Akshay Kumar, Bollywood superstar, declared the winner of Bigg Boss. After winning the Bigg Boss 2 crown, Ashutosh mentioned, "This is a victory for Rahul Bhaiya (Rahul Mahajan) as he always wanted me to win the Bigg Boss show".

Raja Choudhary became the first runners-up.

After Rahul Mahajan's exit many people in India preferred Ashutosh as the winner of Bigg Boss 2. Ashutosh is the same person who had also won the MTV Roadies sometimes ago.

During the Bigg Boss show, Ashutosh was accused of using foul language and criticized for his unhealthy living habits in Bigg Boss house.

One-liners used by Ashutosh and early morning dance on a wake-up song along with his humorous antics became his trademark and a was entertainment for the viewers of Bigg Boss.

Overall Ashutosh shared good relationship with almost every participant in the show, however his proximity with former Miss World Diana Hayden raised much flutter in the media and viewers.

Introducing Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1

07 October 2008

Ubuntu Eee is better than ever, by its sporting brand new interface, enhanced hardware support, and dozens of fixes. Check out the new Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1 and how you can have your mobile computing more productive than ever!





There are many users and developers who want to step into different OS mainly Linux or Mac.

The question that comes in everyone’s mind is, shifting from current system to new can hamper their work or what if some applications does not exists in the new OS.

Well, same thoughts must have come into everybody's mind when planning to move from Windows to different OS.

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