You have surely heard about how the usage and irresponsible dumping of plastic bags can cause wide scale damage to the environment. Are you a store owner who just took a pledge of using biodegradable plastic bags from this moment onward? That’s a very noble move but one that needs to be planned meticulously and in detail. Here is a step by step guide to choosing the right biodegradable plastic bag. Now you can save the environment without a worry!

Criminalisation is rampant in politics and has become one of the major issues. It is of immense concern among both Indian administrators and the intelligentsia.

It has been a decade today since the parliament was attacked. It was one of the biggest attacks on Indian Democracy. It was really an event which shocked the entire country. Now it’s the time to relive the memories of those brave hearts that lost their lives 10 years ago on this day. A decade ago, they stood for their country to protect the Parliament from the heavily-armed terrorists.


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