Chevrolet has come up to be one of the major promising car brands around the world. Louis Chevrolet a renowned sport driver and William Durant, originator of General Motors together laid the foundation of Chevrolet Motor Car Company in 1909. At the present age it has proved itself to be one amongst the most admired brands in the car industry. The company has launched its new model Optra SRV to attract the market towards its SUV range.

Chevrolet Optra SRV, successor of the model Optra is available in two models. One is the normal brand and another being available with an extra option pack. It is a sporty model from Chevrolet which looks extremely superb in the first glance and promises to provide greater comfort.

Road Bikes – On The RideRoad Bikes are popularly known as ‘racing bikes’ in UK. Below is the main road bike listing that includes models with drop handlebars and gears.

Road - Time Trail/Triathlon: Aerodynamically designed bikes that are made for going fast against the clock. Most will come already equipped with aero style time trail handle bars.

Toyota Must Change

12 Jan 2012

Toyota Must ChangeFor several years, Toyota motor played second fiddle to the world’s largest car maker General Motors (GM), steadily narrowing the gap in sales. In 2008, Toyota finally displaced GM, the global market leader since the 1930s, from its pedestal.