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Written by  25 Sep 2008 13727
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Welcome to KuchBhi,

As a member of KuchBhi, I presume you have read many articles on the site which means you have achieved first punch line “See KuchBhi” (means See Anything). So, here is the chance to move to next level; “Write KuchBhi” (means Write Anything).

You may have many things to write and you may have written something, sometime. This is the best place for you to share anything (KuchBhi) content. However you may feel that your article may only collect dust or may only reach a couple of website users / customers!

Well on “KuchBhi”, your article can be the outstanding article.

KuchBhi.com lets you submit your articles and share knowledge with the world. When you post an article; the article goes for an approval by the moderators; the same article can be posted on other websites at the same time. This is achieved by RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Big websites could potentially pick and post your articles on their sites using RSS.

Many webmasters of the sites might pick your article and forward them to others, who inturn forward them to others. Soon, you could discover that your articles has been published on hundreds of websites.

How Do I Submit my Articles to KuchBhi.com?

In order to start submitting articles, you will first need to open up your free author account and agree to our terms of service.

Does it cost money to submit articles on KuchBhi.com?

No, KuchBhi.com do not charge anyone for submitting article or when article is published, or pay for content submitted. We run ads on our site to keep KuchBhi.com live.

So start submitting articles today! now!


Kuch Bhi
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