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09 December 2019

What is KuchBhi?

The answer to the question is based on “What is internet?” Internet is anything or everything for anyone or everyone. The same analogy applies for KuchBhi, it can be anything, something or nothing for You. ….Phew…too much blah blah. In simple terms, it is one place for YOU to come, read, share (have a laugh) and move on.

It is the idea of a Geek, who has been writing codes for more then 10 years now. During a long day at work (almost every day ) all that I wanted was a repository of content enabling release of some happy hormones. After numerous failed attempts to find one such repository it was time to create one of mine and so came “KuchBhi”.

Product review of the Wii Fit with balance board

09 December 2019

Are you crazy for video games with unique devices? Then there is good news for you. At the E3 conference held in July, 2007, Shigeru Miyamoto has announced the launch of a very cool gadget, a Wii Fit with Balance Board.

Now, let`s have a look at what a Wii Fit with Balance Board can provide you. A Wii fit allows you to play games in a similar manner as you played in your Wii, but with more excitement!! Wii Fit creates a 3D character on the screen which will be very similar to you. It creates this by measuring your height and weight. Now, doing your exercises will be fun. With the help of Wii Fit you can burn calories, improve your balancing abilities and also add strength to your body. It keeps a record of your activities like running and yoga.

How to Choose the Right Belt for Yourself?

09 December 2019

Are you searching the stores for the best belt for yourself? This article aims to help you with the process by enlightening you about the various popular designs and materials for making belts and other tips to let you choose the right belt.

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