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Gagapan image of President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address by David Bergman

12 December 2019

The venue of Obama's inaugural was at The United States Capitolin Washington, DC on January 20, 2009, many lucky people were present in the inaugural and for people who could not attend, viewed or read the speech online or in the newspapers.

David Bergman captured the images from the north press platform with Canon G10 Camera. He clicked 220 snaps using Canon G10 Camera to get this complete view of the Obama's inaugural address. After taking the images, he processed the images on macbook pro which took around 7 hrs to process the complete image. The final image size after processing was about 2GB.

Rains in Mumbai

12 December 2019
As the monsoon season approaches, Mumbai is pulled into its drift. Every time monsoon hits the city, it brings along numerous problems. Every individual is happy to witness the shower that ensures relief from the heat wave. At the same time, the monsoon spells increase in number of road accidents, water logging leading to more and more vehicles breaking down on the watery roads. These events have become a regular feature with the Mumbai rains. People can practice precautions to avoid any problems caused due to the heavy rains of the monsoon.

As most of the population in Mumbai is working and needs to commute every day to the workplace, first and foremost precaution is inevitably the service of the car or the bike or any other vehicle that they people are using.

Is it a Man-Dog conflict?

12 December 2019

These days it is not very uncommon to hear about dog bites. We get to hear about such incidents every now and then. The reasons behind this differ. Frustration on humans, lack of food, man hitting dogs, et al is some of the common possible reasons which accounts for dog bites. But you may have never heard about such an incident where the dogs form a gang and bite small and innocent kids.

Due to insufficient food, strays have started targeting kids at Khadakpada. Isn’t it a very peculiar behavior on part of strays? These strays that move out in packs target kids. These strays seem to crave for human flesh.

There’s a dumping ground in Kalyan West near Khadakpada where this terror reigns supreme. Due to this, children are being restricted to play by their parent. Isn’t this dog-man conflict parallel to the leopard-man conflict?

According to Devanand Bhoir, a resident of the same locale, these strays have targeted approximately 22 people

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