Setting goals, both short term and long term ones, are considered to be the most effective way of achieving success in your life, so says almost all spiritual gurus and leaders you must have come across. But what about being committed and driven towards those goals?

Are you frustrated with the varied suggestion from friends and relatives regarding whether you should admit your kid to a playschool or not? Let’s accept it; the ones who speak against playschool have never really bothered to go deep into their critical research. The advantages of putting your kid into playschool are numerous. These advantages will be for you as well as for the growth and development of your kid. In case you are still in two minds about what you should do, here are 3 advantages of sending your kid to a playschool:

Are you worried that your child might get addicted to the laptop or touchscreen smartphone if you give him / her one? Well, technology is rapidly spreading in all aspects of the modern life and your child is no exception to that. Using technology for your child’s educational purposes will ensure that he / she is well versed with its usage while exploiting it for their benefits rather than harmful usage. There are numerous ways in which you can empower your child to use technology for his / her education. Here are 4 tips for that purpose:


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