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Two Tips to Be Committed Towards Your Goals Featured

Written by  27 Jul 2015 2117
Two Tips to Be Committed Towards Your Goals

Setting goals, both short term and long term ones, are considered to be the most effective way of achieving success in your life, so says almost all spiritual gurus and leaders you must have come across. But what about being committed and driven towards those goals?

Getting disillusioned and losing track and sight of the goals and ending up not achieving them is as common as people setting up goals in the first place. The successful people, whom you know today, are the ones, who had not only set these goals, but had displayed the drive and commitment towards them and achieved them no matter what turned up in their way. How can you ensure such commitment towards your own goals? Here are 2 tips to help you with this aspect of goal setting:

  1. Make Your Goals About Resolving Personal Sufferings

    Nothing drives an individual more than goals that he has set up in order to resolve a past mistake, a pain he had succumbed to or a decision he regrets. These sorts of goals have a boosting firepower behind them which helps in keeping you on track and not lose sight and commitment of your goal. For some people it might be something as long term as being a millionaire to do justice to the sufferings of poverty as a kid, or it can be something more specific and short term like deciding to learn driving because your last girlfriend dumped you because you couldn’t take her out on dates in a car.

    When you have these driving feelings and personal pains behind a certain goal you will soon find that you can’t lose sight and commitment towards these goals even if you tried to. This is why most spiritual leaders suggest setting up goals with personal implications in order to acclimatize you regarding being committed towards a goal. Once you have made commitment towards your goals a habit, you can start discoursing from the personal ones to less personal ones.

  2. Don’t Have Too Big Goals

    One of the most common mistakes most people commit while setting goals is that they set too high targets for themselves. While it is not wrong to be ambitious, there is nothing clever or inspirational about being ambitious to levels of stupidity and impossibility. The problem with these big and unrealistic goals is the fact that your brain (mind it, the big unrealistic goals were set up by your heart) will start questioning the reasoning and logic behind it which will soon turn it into a dampening factor for chasing the goals. Instead try and set up smaller short term goals.

    For example, instead of trying to become the national champion in swimming in the next 3 years, break it down to being state champion in the next one year. Once you have achieved that, and then set your goal at being the zonal champion in the next year, so on and so forth.

    Combine these two effective tips for commitment towards your goal with small rewards for yourself and see how you start climbing the ladder of success.


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