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With so many products out in the market its difficult to select the correct one for you. But as usual i am sure many are still searching for ways to use the telephone without paying.

Nothing wrong in it. Why pay when you can get it for FREE. I am not writing this article to put companies out of business. I am just sharing some tips and tricks which can save you loads of money. Ofcourse this applies to people living in the UK. Some might be applicable to people living outside the UK too ..

So here it goes..

1) CALL 0800s FREE from Mobiles : As you all know freephone calls are not free from your mobile. Call a freephone number and it can cost you around 60p per min. Have you ever wondered if you could use a local number to call 0800s, 0500s or 0808s ?? Yes you can. A service is available to call all these freephone numbers using monthly inclusive minutes. Visit www.0800buster.com and they give you an local access number to call all freephones using your monthly inclusive minutes.

2) FREE CALLS from your Land line : How cool would it be to call people and not pay for it :) .. Definitely tempting. Yes you can also call to any landline in the UK , USA and most of the Europe for FREE. All you need is telephone line with any Company (BT,SKY etc etc) . there are two services which allows you do so. (a) www.jajah.com and (b) www.nonoh.net . Both work on a simple VOIP Logic. you put your number and destination number. your phone will ring, you pick up the phone and then the destination phone rings. Since its an incoming call you do not pay a penny and still enjoy phone to phone calls. People calling India ? this service allows calls to India for a good price.

3) FREE 118 Enquiries: People in the UK must have seen the adverts where 2 crazy looking men with huge moustaches advertise phone enquiry service. Don't be fooled by their looks. They only look foolish but they cost a huge fortune. 90p per min !!!! Thats day light legal robbery. Did you know there is a free 118 service ?? No there is no typo here and you are reading it right. FREE 118 enquiry service. Wots the catch ? No Catch. Just that calls will have adverts in it. Register with 118.com and then simply call 08001183733 and you are not charged a penny for the enquiries.

4) Alternate numbers for 0845 and 0870 numbers : All 0845 and 0870 numbers have an alternate local access number. Companies prefer people calling on 0845 and 0870 numbers because they make money with each call. The more time u are on that number the more money they make. Even if its not your mistake and its a message "Press 1 for this and Press 2 for that " and then listen to some wait music till someone comes online to answer your call. Normally you must have been in this situation and believe me its frustrating. Not because of they take time .. thats one thing . but you are paying extra and not at the national rate for no mistake of yours. having said that there is help handy. Visit www.SayNoto0870.com and search for alternate local access numbers which are charged at national rate and free if you have inclusive minutes in your mobile

5) Speak for Hours for 5p per call: We all look for the best deals for lanline calls. But we have to stick with a company for atleast a year before we can switch providers. Above that (apart from Virgin) you need a BT line for the phone. If you switch company you still pay BT the line rental and u lose features like 1571 and 1471 which is free on BT and other providers charge. No need to change Providers. Register with www.18185.co.uk then you can dial 18185 before the number you are dialing and you will be charged 5p per call ( BT charges 4.5p per min )

Hope you make use of these tips. Will post more as and when i come across.



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