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The term marketing myopia is not just a term used in marketing but a paper written by Theodore Levitt, the paper first published in 1960 by the Harvard Business review where he was an editor.


Marketing myopia is in definition the result of shortsighted approach to the marketing world and the way marketing is done. The approach of focusing on the wants of the company rather than focusing on what would be best for the consumer and the customer. The companies that follow this approach most generally will not succeed because of the approach to just focusing on what they need and want rather than the customers. By allowing yourself to ask what business am I in, you predominately will open yourself up to the idea of what can be changed within your business.

By using the marketing myopia approach you are also using the approach that the terms in which you are changing are only short amounts of time. This will mean that you will change something with in your company but with in just a few short months you are going to change them back to the way they were before the change occurred. This is only best for a business that is looking to run things differently as a trial period. You should not put much effort in changing your company if you plan on the company only adapting these terms for a very short amount of time.

Other marketing myopia ideas are the idea that you focus on only one area rather than the whole picture. It is believed that if you focus on one area rather than the whole picture you are supplying enough of a change to supply the consumer with enough change to appease them. By just simply appeasing them you are not offering them any permanent change that would hold their attention and keep their attention focused on you rather than moving onto another business. You may hold them coming back to you during a trial period but if you ultimately change things back to the way they were the odds that they will continue with your business and not go elsewhere is very slim. We have to as a company allow ourselves to open up to the idea of change. We have to be willing to accept that times change and when the times change we have to adjust ourselves to the change in order to prosper from it. By adopting changes we are opening ourselves up to a whole new way of marketing just as when the marketing myopia was adopted back in 1960. Once we have adapted to the idea of change it is time that we set our marketing plan in motion by starting with a marketing concept. Once you have decided what you wish to achieve with your concept you will need to place everything together to make this plan effective. Once you have included all your plans and your concept has come together it is time to allow the management professionals to take over. They will be more efficient if you have never done this before.


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