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Book Cheap Flight Tickets Easily On The Internet

11 December 2019

Traveling has become an inseparable part of human beings. Many people love to travel by airways since it saves enormous amount of time. But as compared to railways and roadways, the expenses incurred in airways are always higher. Hence, finding cheap flight tickets is the basic thing that comes to the mind of people while planning their voyage.

What Is Marketing Myopia

11 December 2019

The term marketing myopia is not just a term used in marketing but a paper written by Theodore Levitt, the paper first published in 1960 by the Harvard Business review where he was an editor.

Live your dream vacation in Paris and Southern France

11 December 2019

Paris is situated in France and is the capital of France. Paris is the largest city in France. Paris is a city of fame and art, culture. People go there to enjoy the Eiffel Tower and the other structures. It is among the most populated areas in Europe. Southern France is a beautiful place to go to. France is connected to UK by the Channel Tunnel. The channel tunnel passes underneath the English Channel.

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