Tips to Fight Obesity

26 Apr 2012

Living in a time when junk food and cholesterol rich beverages are the order of the day, obesity is a problem that most Indian adolescent and grownups are facing. The problem of obesity leads to a number of social and medical problems for the affected person. Here is good news for you in case you are an obese person, there are a few simple tips that you can follow in order to keep your obesity in check.

A plastic surgery is a cosmetic surgery where skin from one tissue abundant area of the body is removed (for example, your thighs) and grafted on some damaged or disfigured area of the body needing some cosmetic touch.

Ever looked at children who seem to get along with everyone and yet, are distant? Aquarians are said to be born in the wrong time because whatever time they are born in, they are light years ahead of it.


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