Yoga has evolved from being an act of the spirit and enlightenment to being one of the most medically relevant activities of the modern times.

Doctors and health experts around the world have started to recommend yoga as a solution (or prevention) to some of the most commonly occurring diseases. A proper yoga routine will help you have a healthier body, clearer mind and ailment free life.

Overweight problems are the most commonly found one in a teenage generation which is plagued by luxuries and fast food. These reduce the calorie burning and increase the calorie intake of a teenager.

Benefits of Meditation

13 Feb 2012

Meditation is a personal practice for the inner self of an individual aiming to invoking or cultivating an inner state in a human being. In today’s jet setter world, meditation is being recommended by many an expert as a solution to the daily problems and attaining peace and tranquillity. Listed here are the 7 ways meditating can help you.