GTalk/GMail provides Video and Voice chat

13 November 2019

Google has launched new video and voice chat services for GMail/GTalk. It is just a click away and can be activated by pointing on contact persons name you wish to talk and select “Video and more” option from the context menu. The video window pops up if the contact has a video device.

Many times it is hard to express just by words and it does not deliver the same punch as actually hearing your friend at your jokes/comments, this is where you can now use voice and video capabilities in your GMail/GTalk.



Follow below steps to get started:

  • Download the Gmail voice and video chat plug-in, quit all open browser windows, and install the plug-in.

  • Sign in to Gmail.

  • In the Chat section of your Gmail, select the contact you want to call. If they have a camera icon next to their name, you can make a voice or video call to them; just click Video & more.

If your friend doesn't have a camera next to their name in your chat list, you can invite them to download the Gmail voice and video chat plug-in from the Video & more menu in a chat window. Even if your friend doesn't have a video camera, you can still make a voice call or a 1-way video call.



United We Stand - Ek Aur Ek Bane Anek

13 November 2019

This is one of the Hindi Commercial/Ad of Indian channel DoorDarshan(DD) in late 80's published by Centre for Educational Technology (A subsidiary institute of the Ministry of Education, Government of India) for promoting National Integration among school students.

India is a country with lot of diversity in every aspect, like religion, communities, languages, cultures, philosophies, political ideologies, etc. The government always undertakes lot of activities to promote National Integration.

This is one of the masterpieces, which was created around 1985. This video is also an example of the kind of animation that was being done in India during the 80's

I am sure watching this video will make you remember your childhood days.

Top 10 Free POP3 and Free IMAP Email Services

13 November 2019

There are many free email services available on the web, however there are few email services that provides free POP and IMAP access. POP and IMAP access can help download your mails to any mail client such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Evolution or Mac OS X Mail.

Here is the list of Top 10 Free POP3 and Free IMAP Email Services.

Gmail - Free POP and IMAP
Gmail from Google provides free POP and IMAP email service and free chat. GMail provides unlimited free online storage which allows collection all messages without having to worry about space. Gmail's simple and smart interface helps user to navigate easily. GMail also has best search which searchs the mail with ease. Gmail also has POP and powerful IMAP interfae for uses who can bring Gmail to any email program or device.

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