How to know Mass SMS / Text Message Codes

13 November 2019

Like me everyone receives messages from various service providers like Banks, e-commerce websites, Pizza stores and such other vendors. These messages are very annoying at times, one more thing that is common between these messages. These messages do not show sender’s numbers instead they show some alphabetical codes, for e.g. TD-HDFC or LM-CITI etc.

Disappointing features of iPhone 5

13 November 2019

At last Apple has announced the new iPhone iPhone 5, ubersleek , fast processor and taller then iPhone 4S

People who got their hands on iPhone 5 who were well-known with  Apple Magic had BIG question - ‘Is there any change compare to iPhone 4S? or None?’

However all the tech savvy people have a different story to say, following are some of the disappointing /missing features of iPhone 5

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Smartphone?

13 November 2019

Have you spent a fortune for buying the jazzy looking smartphone that you always wanted but still don’t use it beyond texting and calling? Do you get lost amidst all the features that a smartphone offers and thus choose not to avail them? This piece aims to give you a walkthrough of some of the smartphone features that you can use for garnering productivity out of it.

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