10th Anniversary Of Attack On India’s Democracy

17 November 2019

It has been a decade today since the parliament was attacked. It was one of the biggest attacks on Indian Democracy. It was really an event which shocked the entire country. Now it’s the time to relive the memories of those brave hearts that lost their lives 10 years ago on this day. A decade ago, they stood for their country to protect the Parliament from the heavily-armed terrorists.

Why Windows Pocket PC is better

17 November 2019
I have been using mobile for several years and for past 3+ years I have been using Windows Mobile. My first Windows Mobile was I-Mate Jam later I bought I-Mate K-Jam. Currently I am using T-Mobile Vario II for past one year.

Since K-Jam I have been using Windows Mobile 6.0. K-Jam comes with Windows mobile 5.0 however I cooked a 6.0 Rom. The features of 6.0 were really amazing and the performance was also better then compare to 5.0

A Guide to Choosing the Right Graphics Card

17 November 2019

Are you sitting pretty with the generous budget in your hand but don’t know how to go about choosing one of the most wanted and most important hardware for your computer, the graphics card? A graphics card is a piece of hardware that accelerates the graphic processing power of your computer and takes the load off the processor. Having a graphics card, also known as a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), will increase the processing power of your computer and render better quality video. This piece of hardware is particularly recommended for professional video editors and gamers.

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