Recycling Tips for your Household

17 September 2019

Recycling is clearly the path the world follows at the moment to ensure minimal damage to the environment and sustainable growth.

What can you do for Saving the Environment?

17 September 2019

Environmental concerns are the biggest concerns of the twenty first century and also the one that needs immediate addressing.

Environmentalists all around the world have been rallying for saving the environment from the grasps of evil industrialists and nature-poachers and almost every country has bills and laws vehemently protecting their flora and fauna. This is aimed at achieving the goal of sustainable development and protecting mankind from various natural hazards and climatic changes resulting from these environmental damages.

Proper Handling And Cooking Of Food

17 September 2019

Healthy eating is not possible without properly handling and cooking of food. Many of the recent outbreaks related to contaminated food have resulted in unexpected fatalities. The following guidelines will help you to prepare, cook, and store the food properly.

Wash your hands carefully and clean working surfaces (with bleach) when you are handling meat.

Wash poultry thoroughly, inside and outside. Cook meat thoroughly.

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