There are children in the classroom who sit are backbenchers but always know all the answers. There’s a Capricorn for you. What we need to know is that Capricorn is a male sign, meaning that even


27 Nov 2011

Sun signs and horoscopes have been ruling our life for quite a long time now and with the advent of internet, the stars have become easier to read. There are twelve signs and an additional one has been added recently but

PISCES (Feb. 22 - March 21)

Pisces is indicated by the sign of fish and these people live in the world of their dreams. They hide several secrets for the lovers to be specified at the good moment. Pisces are intuitive and strive to provide happiness to the partners. Fish loves freedom to swim in any direction and pisces too loves the same.

You will be little self centered this year. Your physique will not be very great but you will be physically active. Your complexion will be good and you will have long neck and face. Brownish eyes and dark hair will add to your personality.