ARIES (Mar. 21 - Apr. 20)

Aries is the element of fire and people born under this sign have passion and irresistible energy. Your communication skills will be beneficial to you this year. You will be witty and show quick reactions.

Your attitude towards life will be positive and your confidence will be on peak. Your journeys will be beneficial to you. You may be bothered about your own illness or illness of some member in your family.

Your reputation is important to you either in business or in career. Your energy levels are high and you have good mental power. Your ideas will be working and you will do good in finance.

TAURUS (Apr. 22 - May 21)

Your persistent approach will help you solve the problems and you would make sure you don't repeat the mistakes done in the past. You will be fortunate. You will love appreciation but will again guard against false complements.

You will love luxury in life and be sentimental at heart. You will be ready to work for your relationship to be fulfilled. Material pleasures will be equally important to you and you would love to talk to your beloved in the languages of winks and smiles. And once you commit, you will be honest to the core. Taurus loves safety and would be little possessive in love.