LEO (July 22 - Aug. 21)

Leos love to travel far and wide. You tend to be unstable and emotional being. You have high imagination but are highly self centered.

Money will come to you easily but your spending will be high. You love artistic things but are not much creative yourself. You spread love and warmth wherever you go. You are a lover of music. You like to be a leader in workplace and cannot accept anything less than that. You will become very famous in the trade you work in.

CANCER (June 22 - July 21)

You will work hard to achieve your goals but will face several short comings which will hamper your progress and slow your pace. These pitfalls may eventually reduce your capacity to work. Your parents may have ill health which might be a cause of worry to you. Drive safe this year as you are prone to accidents.

Your charm and magnetism are always high and which will be difficult for people to resist. You like to punish your lover by getting involved in various activities and keep them aloof and isolated in cases of jealousy. You love to court a lot and believe that love lies in the air. You are always devoted to your love of life and are tactful enough to play tricks in love.

GEMINI ( May 22- Jun. - 21 )

Geminis are active and center of all the activities they dive into. Their quick wit and self confidence will help them change what ever they don't like and can fix up issues in the time of emergency.

Your education interests may vary but your education will be good whatever field you divulge into. You will have ups and downs with respect for your health. On an average health will be ok this year. Don't over tax yourself. Relax a bit.