Sudden or unexpected death is usually more traumatic and grievous than an expected one, which of course also causes pain even though one is mentally prepared for it.

One can still accept an expected death as compared to an unexpected one. Even though death is predictable (we all know we are all going to die one day) and constant, it still causes a great amount of grief, as it final and irreversible. Accepting and facing this reality is tough, because it suddenly makes one so vulnerable, helpless, hapless, and hopeless.

Being A Woman Today!

19 Jan 2012

Skin through the newspapers these days and it is easy to make this conclusion: Women have definitely come a long way from the day their opinions and voices were left unheard

Rains in Mumbai

03 Jul 2009
As the monsoon season approaches, Mumbai is pulled into its drift. Every time monsoon hits the city, it brings along numerous problems. Every individual is happy to witness the shower that ensures relief from the heat wave. At the same time, the monsoon spells increase in number of road accidents, water logging leading to more and more vehicles breaking down on the watery roads. These events have become a regular feature with the Mumbai rains. People can practice precautions to avoid any problems caused due to the heavy rains of the monsoon.

As most of the population in Mumbai is working and needs to commute every day to the workplace, first and foremost precaution is inevitably the service of the car or the bike or any other vehicle that they people are using.


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