Are your children chronically disobedient and you are feeling helpless when it comes to handling him / her? Remember that most children are occasionally disobedient and defy the wishes of their parents and elder ones. There is nothing to worry about children who are portraying such behaviors.

Most psychological experts will cite anger as one of the vices that has led to the deterioration of many personal and professional ties. There are numerous instances of friendships gone wrong, spoilt mother-son relationships, failed marriages, et al. just because one party couldn’t manage their anger. In case you are worried you are on the highway to this same destiny, it is high time that you start following these basic anger management tips.

More often than not you might find that your child is unmotivated towards various aspects of life. It might be in the form of negligence towards family and relatives or studies. What you need to realize is that this is not an illness that needs a doctor (unless it reaches extreme forms where you might need professional psychological help).

The child needs some basic motivational guidance and who else is better at this than his parents? Here are 4 tips to help you with the situation: