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Baba Ramdev Conquers Scotland Featured

Written by  28 Sep 2009 2894

Some call him Swamiji, The West call him the most contrversial lifestyle guru, Some follow him as God while some think he has all the powers needed to cure anyone.

But the truth is people believe in Baba Ramdev and many have come ahead and publicly accepted that the yogic teachings of Baba Ramdev has worked for them. Claims of Cancer Cure and Cure to Homosexuality by Yoga has also been made. Although no one has yet come forward with a definite case of cure by following his teachings and while the west is still scratching their head for a cure, Baba Ramdev followers are on the rise every second. Approximately 20 million viewes tune into his yoga show every lunchtime on India TV.

Now 2 devotees of Baba Ramdev from Glasgow have bought the tiny Scottish North Ayrshire island of Little Cumbrae for £2,000,000 (two million pounds)

and plan to convert it into an Ashram and an International Yoga Camp. Devotees came from around the world for the ceremony and after a traditional Hindu Hawan Baba Ramdev officially started the transformation of the previously uninhabited 700 acres of rocky land into Peace Island. Media around UK and india covered this feat and while some were happy the west were trying their best to catch him offguard with questions on his claims on cure for hypertension, thyroid problems, asthma, arthritis and Cancer. But as we all know Baba Ramdev is known for his quick witted and straight talks answerd them with scientific explanations in broken English and Hindi with the help of an interpreter.

I think for all the Yoga lovers we now have a Scottish yoga centre overlooked by Baba Ramdev. A good thing for Yoga lovers in the west who can opt for coming to Scotland and I am also sure that it will be a FULL HOUSE every time.


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