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Tips To Find Love Featured

Written by  02 Aug 2012 2510

Finding that one special person in your life is very important and a very fulfilling feeling. So what should you be doing to find the love your life? You will find numerous cheap tricks, financial advices and magic solutions for finding love on the internet but the important thing is to spiritually modifying yourself while on the quest for finding true love.

Here are 5 spiritual tips to help you out:

Be Selfless

Are you looking for love in your life in order to fill a void, support you emotionally or financially? Having such goals in mind that you seek to achieve from love will lead to failure in love. Remember that no one live up to your expectations, so the best solution to have none in the first place. The best thing relationship is one where two people help each other to be the best persons that they can be. Being selfless and compassionate is the first step in finding true love.

Be Available

Are you restricting yourself to your couch throughout the day and expecting to find true love? You will never be able to. The first thing to ensure when you are searching for true love is to ensure that you are socially available. When you are attending various social events and activities the chances that you will meet someone with whom you can hit it off is high. If you are failing to find a way to be socially available, try and get yourself registered with various activities which have a social bend to it. One such activity might be joining the gym.

Make It About Your Loved One

When you meet a potential partner try to make the encounter more about him / her than about yourself. Instead of worrying and fretting about what you should say, what you should avoid saying, etc. you must be more eager to hear from the other person. Talk about various things that you might have in common rather than bragging about yourself. Not being full of your own self is very important. Ask him / her questions about various aspects of their life to find out the common parts and topics of interest. Remember that making your potential partner important will increase the likelihood that he / she will want to meet you again.

Transcend Rejection

The only bigger regret than not finding true love is the fact that you found it but never approached it. Are you worried about rejection and thus not asking for her phone number? Are you worried that he might think you are desperate if you give him a call? Rejection is real, but it is not the end of the world. The fear of rejection will cripple your chances of finding true love immensely. The next time you get rejected, don’t take it personally and let it affect your next to next try.

Spirituality has a solution for most problems on earth and finding your true love by following these 4 spiritual methods is the best thing you can do for yourself.


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