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Four Steps for Store Owners to Choose the Right Biodegradable Plastic Bags

Written by  06 Aug 2015 4705

You have surely heard about how the usage and irresponsible dumping of plastic bags can cause wide scale damage to the environment. Are you a store owner who just took a pledge of using biodegradable plastic bags from this moment onward? That’s a very noble move but one that needs to be planned meticulously and in detail. Here is a step by step guide to choosing the right biodegradable plastic bag. Now you can save the environment without a worry!


Step 1 – Choose the Right Quality

It is very important to choose a manufacture of good quality biodegradable plastic bags for fulfilling your purpose. A cheap or bad quality biodegradable plastic bag will defeat the purpose and pose more harm to the environment. Ask for free samples from the manufacturer in case you want some firsthand experience to test the biodegradable plastic bags. You can also talk to other existing or past customers of the biodegradable plastic bags manufacturer in order to get a fair idea about his product’s quality.

Step 2 – Choose the Material and Design

Remember that using biodegradable plastic bags shouldn’t come in the way of your store’s advertising and branding. Most customers identify a store by the carry bags they provide and you need to ensure that your biodegradable plastic bags are worth remembering. You can always ask the manufacturer of the biodegradable plastic bags to personalize the lot he sends for you with your store’s name and logo.

You should check with the manufacturer about the availability of this service before you choose to buy the biodegradable plastic bags from him. Ask him about the design stencils, available color options and other small details that you might need for personalizing the biodegradable plastic bags. In case you don’t have any personalized design or logo for your store, numerous manufacturers of biodegradable plastic bags have in-house design teams for helping you out with this.

Step 3 – Ensure Quality of Production and Delivery

Remember that the production of biodegradable plastic bags require time and effort on the manufacturer’s part. Usually it takes a couple of weeks or 3 weeks to finish production of a lot of biodegradable plastic bags. Ensure that you are ordering the required amount of biodegradable plastic bags at least 4 weeks in prior to your intended date of necessity. In case you are in need of an emergency rush delivery constant one of the biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers which offer rush delivery services.

Step 4 – Check the Rates

Remember that biodegradable plastic bags will come at a higher price than the non- biodegradable plastic bags that you used to purchase all these years. The biodegradable plastic bags usually cost more than the plastic bags too. It is recommended that you check the rates that various manufacturers of biodegradable plastic bags are offering in order to find one that suits your needs and budget.

By choosing to sell your store’s products in biodegradable plastic bags you will ensure that you are playing your own part in protecting the environment.


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