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12 December 2019

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New Mobile numbers starting with eight

12 December 2019

Recently the whole world felt the shock of the global recession and everywhere the impacts were felt. It seems that the Indian Telecom sector continues to grow in leaps and bounds in spite of the huge tsunami of the recession. Recently the Department of Telecommunications has officially announced that it has run out of the mobile numbers starting with nine.

Are you looking for a mobile phone with a better camera?

12 December 2019

Are you looking for a mobile phone with a better camera? Then you have lots of choices today. Presently, the majority of the world market for mobile phones is being dominated by Nokia. But Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola aren’t far behind either. Nowadays mobile cameras can capture images as clear as digital cameras. So now you needn’t carry a digital camera at all on your tour as your phone does everything for you. Previously the quality of the images shot by these camera phones wasn’t always good, but nowadays with Mega Pixels you can print and share your moments with your near ones.

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