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Smartphones - The Hot New Gadgets

12 December 2019

Science and technology

Science and technology has taken life to a new level. It is now possible to communicate with people living on the other side of the world even while on the move, take clear pictures in the dimmest of lights, and do calculations in seconds which manually would have taken hours to be done. Over the years, technology has walked one step further, and given us such gadgets, performing wonderful activities, which could not have been imagined a few years ago.

Samsung S8300: A Revolution in the Market

12 December 2019

Samsung has newly launched an outstanding phone, the Samsung Tocco S8300 Ultra touch Phone. With a superb camera resolution of 8 Megapixels, it is hoped that this phone is going to bring in a revolution in the present mobile market. This phone is only 12.8mm thick and it has a wide screen O LED display and in fact it is the biggest screen for a mobile available today. Having a touch screen has really made it more appealing and more attractive to consumers and present day youth who run after the latest gadgets in the market, especially Mobile Phones.



Key Features:
A Slider Style Phone
A big Screen with touch sensor
2.8 inch wide display
A resolution of (240 x 480)
8 Mega Pixel Camera
Video Recording at 30 fps

Increase Your Web Traffic With Seo, Sem And Smm

12 December 2019

Internet has become an easy source of globalization for business entrepreneurs. Reaching a global market has now become a cakewalk, Thanks to internet. Almost every major business group has established an online presence. If you have established yourself online, your business is almost guaranteed to touch new heights. Promoting your business online is commonly referred to as internet marketing. Internet marketing commonly consists of SEO, SEM and nowadays SMM is also becoming popular. These strategies help to increase the number of targeted visitors to your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of strategies employed by the companies so that their web pages get higher rankings in the search engines. Generally, a site which is placed earlier in a search result is visited more number of times. Search engine optimizers generally target the three most popular search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and MSN. They optimize the web pages suited for a particular search engine so that it gets higher rankings.

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