Social Networking

12 November 2019

In modern times social networking has created a revolution world wide.It has become a multibillion dollar industry within a very short period of time due to its immense popularity. Generally websites are commonly used for online social networking and this websites are known as social sites.There are millions of users on the internet who wants to meet other internet users for making friends,chatting,dating or to start a professional relationship.The working principles of these social networking sites are that they contains various communities on various topics like religion, politics, current affairs, sports, films. In order to access a social networking site one has to register to that particular site and after that the person can access the site and can begin to socialize by reading other members social pages,making friends or by making professional relationships.The social networking sites which doesnot focuses on a single particular interest are termed as “TRADITIONAL”social networking and they have open membership. In this types of websites one can create their own communities or network and invite their friends who have interest on such communities.

Video Marketing

12 November 2019


The promotional strategy put in place by companies to endorse their products and services’ using short, educational and attractive video clips is termed as “Video Marketing”. The primary purpose of making such videos is to induce awareness among the prospective customers about a company and its products.

An industrialist can attract a prospective client for buying their product by spreading its awareness. The presentation of the message in the visual format makes the promotional video or advertisement appear simple and visually pleasing.


In any advertisement that uses text, a probable customer has to go through each text to find out the exact message conveyed. 

Twitter as a Marketing Tool

12 November 2019

Twitter is nothing but a free communal networking and micro-blogging service. It helps the users to send and read messages. These types of messages are known as tweets which are generally text based posts up to 140 characters. Users can send and receive message with the help of twitter website, SMS or external applications. With the introduction of Twitter in 2006, it became quite popular among the internet users. According to Alexa’s web traffic analysis, Twitter ranks one of the 50 admired websites all over the world. Twitter had a monthly growth of 1,382 percent. Twitter is a web-based Internet Relay Chat(IRC) and its web interfaces uses the Ruby on Rails framework. According to TechCrunch , Twitter consists of more than 1 million users and more than 3 million messages are posted every day.

Twitter as a learning tool - Twitter supports a search engine which allows the users to plug in the company names, topics, brand names and many more things. Anyone can find that BMW made a customer unsatisfied and Twittered about it.

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