How to speed up your Wi-Fi Network Connection

17 November 2019

Most users of notebooks and laptops prefer hooking up to the internet using a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is way easier if one uses wireless networks as it avoids the mess of using a cable to connect the computer to the router.

Laptop Cooling Pads: Pros and Cons

17 November 2019

A laptop/notebook cooling pad, cooler or chill mat is an accessory for laptop computers that helps to decrease their working temperature. Generally used when the laptop's fan device is not able to adequately cool the laptop, a cooling pad might house active or passive cooling methods and rests below the laptop. Active coolers move liquid or air to direct heat away from the laptop rapidly, while passive methods might rely on thermally conductive materials or mounting passive airflow.

Although several cooler pads do support usage of power adapters, they usually work on power drawn through one of the notebook’s USB ports. Many cooler pads hence compensate with a built-in USB hub. A number of these "powered" coolers are planned to draw heat from the bottom of the computer; others work in the reverse way by blowing cold air towards the machine. The fan speed is adjusted either manually or automatically on select models and on others stays at a constant speed.

How to choose a better Registry Fixer?

17 November 2019

Computer Registry is nothing but a database to keep computer’s responsive, operational and important file. Registry is a place in the computer where the system files, driver files and the history of internet explorer are stored. After the installation of something in the computer, the installed files go into the registry. But sometimes when you uninstall it, all the files are not removed from the registry. Thus the registry becomes full of unwanted files and programs, chock-full with invalid keys and with corrupt and duplicate files. As go on using the computer, the size of computer registry also goes on increasing with new programs without deleting the previous programs. As a result the unused previous programs are sometimes turned into malware programs and chock the registry. This slows down the computer performance and regular system failures. To overcome these problems, the ultimate solution is to fix the registry.

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