Google Chrome OS

17 November 2019



At first Google released the Google Chrome which is more than a browser, efficient for running web applications, individual tab acts as a separate process and there is a task manager also. But the main aim of Google was not just to build a browser but also a modern platform for web pages and applications that could be run on the Google Chrome Operating System.

Google Chrome Operating System is a project by Google Inc. The main endeavor of this project was to develop a light computer operating system dedicated for using the World Wide Web. Google Chrome Operating System was announced on July 7, 2009.

Dating in this day and age!

17 November 2019

Dating in this day and age!Dating in this day and age can be a little confusing and a little more complicated than you might realize or expect.  You see, in this day and age many people start their dating online, either by meeting through a social network or through a dating service online.  The days of just simply meeting someone new through friends, co-workers, special events and other such things are long over.

Is Your Job Secure?

17 November 2019

Is Your Job Secure?Is my job secure? You may yourself ask this question several times a day. Due to inflation, there are shortages of jobs all over the world.

Unemployment data – or job creation data is available only with a considerable lag; most policymakers do not rely on it, anyway.

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