Medley Tool

13 November 2019

Medley Tool which is also called Selection Tool, where in you have all the available items on the left <SELECT> box and you select all the required items in the right <SELECT> box using four button i.e: ">", ">>", "<", "<<"

I am building my website and will get this tool back on the site in few days.

3 Idiots - review - have you seen it ?

13 November 2019

3 Idiots. What a name to choose for a movie ! And yes, What a movie ! When I first heard of this movie, and saw a couple of on air promos, I dint really like it. I never liked the poster showing Amir, Madhavan and the other guy sitting on huge buttock shaped chairs. All in all, the all the promotions for the movie had a negative effect on me, triggered by the name of the movie itself.

Why is Shahrukh the First choice of Karan Johar?

13 November 2019

From the beginning of Bollywood Industry so many relations were made. Actor, producer, director became friends & they worked together. When a director gets huge success in his debut film, then it becomes really special for him & the bonding becomes very strong. In this article we will see such an example. The assistant director of the movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Karan Johar decided to make his own film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in the year of 1998. He took his friend SRK for the lead role in this movie. Extra ordinary success of this movie really added a feather in his crown. Then he never looked behind. His own production ‘Dharma Production’ became really the well-reputed production house in the Bollywood industry. His movie kuch kuch Hota Hai won 8 filmfare awards. He became the superstar behind the camera.

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