The Who quotient

17 September 2019
The celebrity circus: everybody's invited

The 'Who quotient' in any event could not be weightier. And the KBC-obsessed pesky neighbour's kid wouldn't just let it pass
(one question can change your life, doesn't the promo video say? Well, this boy had just one too many).

Liz Hurley (who?), Arun Nayar (who?) and who are the 'who's who made it to the marriage?

Who missed it?

World's most expensive pets

17 September 2019

Most Expensive LEGAL Pets To Own

Monkeys, Lions and Chimpanzees are animals we often see in the wild or on the Discovery Channel, however many of these exotic animals can be purchased legally within the United States. Living in an acceptable jurisdiction and acquiring the correct permit could turn your home into a modern day zoo. These animals, however do come with a heavy price tag and that is not including the upkeep.

13. Bengal Cat

Price Tag: $800-$3,000

The Bengal Cat is bred by mating a domestic black shorthaired cat with an Asian Leopard cat. As with many hybrids the goal is to create a domestic cat in size and demeanor with the exotic Asian Leopard Cat appearance and coloring. As with most hybrid cats, the breed becomes more and more domesticated with each successive generation, therefore the ideal domesticated breed would be at least three to five generations removed from the original breed.

Source : petsdo.com


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