Picking up the right college some years ago was a really tough task. The only guides available to help you were some old college guidebooks. These books provided only a general insight of the college, without providing any details about how the college was actually for the students. You would not be able to find such information even if you visit the college because such information would be clearly edited by the college`s communication department. Until you get to talk with the students you won’t get a real insight of the institution.

But luckily enough, today we have several social media which is making our task of taking decisions a lot easier. You can discuss with the students about your topic of concern about the college, get to know the minor and major advantages and disadvantages of the college with nothing being hidden from you. The face of the college could become completely transparent to you, thanks to social media.

Social Networking

23 Sep 2009

In modern times social networking has created a revolution world wide.It has become a multibillion dollar industry within a very short period of time due to its immense popularity. Generally websites are commonly used for online social networking and this websites are known as social sites.There are millions of users on the internet who wants to meet other internet users for making friends,chatting,dating or to start a professional relationship.The working principles of these social networking sites are that they contains various communities on various topics like religion, politics, current affairs, sports, films. In order to access a social networking site one has to register to that particular site and after that the person can access the site and can begin to socialize by reading other members social pages,making friends or by making professional relationships.The social networking sites which doesnot focuses on a single particular interest are termed as “TRADITIONAL”social networking and they have open membership. In this types of websites one can create their own communities or network and invite their friends who have interest on such communities.

Video Marketing

12 Oct 2009


The promotional strategy put in place by companies to endorse their products and services’ using short, educational and attractive video clips is termed as “Video Marketing”. The primary purpose of making such videos is to induce awareness among the prospective customers about a company and its products.

An industrialist can attract a prospective client for buying their product by spreading its awareness. The presentation of the message in the visual format makes the promotional video or advertisement appear simple and visually pleasing.


In any advertisement that uses text, a probable customer has to go through each text to find out the exact message conveyed.