17 Sep 2009



A podcast is mainly a collection of digital media files, both audio and video. These types of media files are out at regular intervals and can be downloaded from internet. Actually podcasting is a fresh form of online media liberation. There are unique client software applications known as podcatchers (like iTunes or Winamp). Podcathers are usually used to automatically detect and download new files in the series at the time of releasing. The files are accessed by a centralized web feed which list the files in a particular series. As a result new files can be easily downloaded by the podcatcher and the files are kept on the computer or another storage device. A podcaster is the individual who generates the content.

Twitter is nothing but a free communal networking and micro-blogging service. It helps the users to send and read messages. These types of messages are known as tweets which are generally text based posts up to 140 characters. Users can send and receive message with the help of twitter website, SMS or external applications. With the introduction of Twitter in 2006, it became quite popular among the internet users. According to Alexa’s web traffic analysis, Twitter ranks one of the 50 admired websites all over the world. Twitter had a monthly growth of 1,382 percent. Twitter is a web-based Internet Relay Chat(IRC) and its web interfaces uses the Ruby on Rails framework. According to TechCrunch , Twitter consists of more than 1 million users and more than 3 million messages are posted every day.

Twitter as a learning tool - Twitter supports a search engine which allows the users to plug in the company names, topics, brand names and many more things. Anyone can find that BMW made a customer unsatisfied and Twittered about it.

Bing which was formerly called Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search, with codenamed Kumo is Microsoft's new web search engine, the search engine designed to compete with the industry leaders Google & Yahoo!.

The search is live and in about two days there are already two wonderful scripts released by community.

First Script is bing_cleaner, this script improves Bing search results layout, the immediate difference you can see is that the left column 'Related Searchs' is moved on the right and aligning search results on left. Following are the steps to install the script: