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Amazon Echo alias Alexa, Is a Personal Aide Featured

Written by  19 Jul 2015 7458
Amazon Echo alias Alexa, Is a Personal Aide

Recent announcement by Amazon about the new device ‘Echo’ alias Alexa. Most people though that it was one more cylindrical tower wireless speaker. To answer it indeed is a speaker which wirelessly connects to network however it does more than a wireless speaker. It can stream music from Amazon's Prime Music library, Amazon Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and play music collections stored locally on devices. It can answers questions "Alexa, How tall is Mount Everest.", add appointments "Alexa, Add calender, Lunch with John tomorrow at 12:00pm". Echo can also add items to shopping list just by promoting "Alexa, add serials to shopping list.".

Amazon Echo can be activated by calling "Alexa" however,  the calling name can be changed to "Amazon" if need be. This feature could be useful for buyers with another Alexa in the family.

Setting up

Amazon Echo can be setup using a web browser or using Amazon Echo App. The app is freely available on App Store, Google Play and Amazon Store.

Enter Alexa

One can speak to Echo from wherever the person is in the room. No need to be close to Echo. Amazon recommends setting it up in the center of a big room. The speech recognition and voice input accuracy is very well taking by Amazon. The command are taken clearly by Echo from about 30 feet away.

So finally the price, Amazon Echo is available online for $179, but there is a good news for Amazon Prime member, Echo is sold for $99 for Prime Members.

Accurate voice input
Good audio

Two option (Alexa or Amazon) to activate Echo


Amazon Echo alias Alexa


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