Bollywood - A trend towards Hollywood

12 November 2019

Let us make it clear first. What is Bollywood? It is known to all Indians that Indian film industry is mainly Bombay based & the name comes from it. Movie, the mirror of society is the thing which really reflects our lives through different characters. Many persons are needed to make a complete movie. They are actors, actresses, directors, music directors, sound engineer, choreographer, producers etc. Various kinds of movies are made in the Bollywood industry. Romantic movies like ‘dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge’, action movies like ‘international khiladi’, theme movie like ‘black’ etc have been made in our film industry.

Influence of Michael Jackson on Bollywood

12 November 2019

On the death of Michael Jackson, the whole world has been astonished and speechless including Bollywood. Michael Jackson was the first emperor of Pop and an excellent dancer. He is the one who became the inspirations of various actors, dancers and musicians all over the world, as well as Bollywood. He became a trademark for various kinds of new fashion, a hallmark for the youth generation. His classy and amazing dance steps make the whole world crazy including Bollywood.

Ways To Use Social Media To Pick Up Colleges

12 November 2019

Picking up the right college some years ago was a really tough task. The only guides available to help you were some old college guidebooks. These books provided only a general insight of the college, without providing any details about how the college was actually for the students. You would not be able to find such information even if you visit the college because such information would be clearly edited by the college`s communication department. Until you get to talk with the students you won’t get a real insight of the institution.

But luckily enough, today we have several social media which is making our task of taking decisions a lot easier. You can discuss with the students about your topic of concern about the college, get to know the minor and major advantages and disadvantages of the college with nothing being hidden from you. The face of the college could become completely transparent to you, thanks to social media.

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