Who doesn’t want to arrive at their destination in vogue, sporting a set of spanking clean clothes? Perfectly creased where you want them.

But the truth is travel has a tendency of doing funny things to your luggage and the clothes inside tend to get tossed around a lot. As a result they don’t look the way you had packed them. As more and more travellers tend to join the culture of one-bag-travel, thus carrying only what is needed. Here are a few tips to help you have an efficient wardrobe while on the go.

Desert Trip Essentials

30 Jan 2012

The thought of a desert puts these in your mind: extensive sand suns, scorching heat and sparse vegetation and water bodies.

As a result, a trip across a desert is a test of physical endurance in most cases. Here is a check list of items to assist you in your desert trip.

Bhutan is popularly known as the ‘Land of Thunder Dragons’. Bhutan is very large and mountainous with an area of about 46,500 square kilometres and it can be compared to Switzerland both in terms of its size and topography.