Now-a-days camping is becoming one of the best adventurous things to do. Camping may be a gathering of huge people in a specified place at a fixed time for a purpose like political discussion, team meeting or anything. Spending a night outside the home under a same shed with huge people is really a hilarious adventure. A camping depends on the different things like spots, basic amenities etc. These things make a camping remarkable and memorable. Camping may be of different types and vary according to their ranges.

Traveling and luggage are the two inseparable terms. Any sort of material you are carrying with you during a journey is luggage. The weight of luggage depends on the type of journey. It contains your useful materials (depends on what type of trip you are performing), accessories, toiletries, clothing, medicines etc. If you look back in the past, luggage used were heavy due to weighty bags and heavy trunks. But in recent times, it became light weight because of light but strong bag.

Luggage Types:
Trunk: The trunks are made of wood, steel or any other hard materials. They were widely used luggage carrier at past. Today they are also used but for transporting fragile goods and not for personal use.

Indian Ecotourism

23 Mar 2009

When the entire world is anxious about carbon footprints, then ecotourism is the best way for that. Most of the travellers are searching for travel management agencies with good friendly approach and traveling experience. India has gained appreciation for contributing towards ecotourism for the past few years. In India, there are some major ecotourism zones which include bio-reserves, wildlife parks, Himalayan forests, sanctuaries, etc. In India you will watch and experience huge amount vegetations and wildlife during any eco tours.

Many interested travellers are coming to India by its attractive ecotourism from across the globe. For a responsible traveller, it is a matter of charm.