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Paris is situated in France and is the capital of France. Paris is the largest city in France. Paris is a city of fame and art, culture. People go there to enjoy the Eiffel Tower and the other structures. It is among the most populated areas in Europe. Southern France is a beautiful place to go to. France is connected to UK by the Channel Tunnel. The channel tunnel passes underneath the English Channel.


Weather in Paris is pleasant but now it is mostly cloudy with a little warmness during the summer season. The temperature varies from 12 degree Celsius to 19 degree Celsius. The maximum it raises to around 32 degree Celsius. The best time to visit Paris is during spring time or summer when it’s very pleasant and it doesn’t rain.

There are nearly 480 airports in France with nearly 200 in Southern France itself. For public transportation there are underground metros, buses, cabs which are cheap and are very convenient. To reach Paris you can take flights, and it is connected by many parts of the world. The airports name is Charles De Gaulle Airport. There is a smaller airport too known as Beauvais Tille airport.

Shopping in Paris and Southern France is simply brilliant. Leather bags are the most famous one. Bags made out of original crocodile skins can also be found here but are very expensive.  Chocolates are worldwide famous. The Champs-Elysees avenue is a great place for shopping. It has many shopping centers and malls from where we can almost get anything we want to at reasonable prices also.

Hotels are in large numbers in Paris and Southern France. All the three categories of hotels can be found here like cheap hotels, discount hotels and luxury hotels. Cheap hotels such as Tim hotel Palais Royal Louvre, Grand Hotel Dechampaigne, Hotel Therese and many more. The best of the hotels can be found near Notre Dam such as the Hotel Le Colbert, Hotel Louvre Ravioli, Hotel Saint-Paul le Marais and the Hotel Dechampaigne. While in Southern France you can look out for many discount hotels with some special deals as well. The legendary Lutetia hotels is one of the best hotels we can stay in .There are restaurants also such as La Tour d'Argent, Le Procope , Galerie Colbert and many more which serve us quality food.

There are offers like if we book any hotel online of Paris we are getting a 50 percent discount. Then for only 1,297$ we can stay for 3 nights plus air fare in the Inn Paris hotel of Notre Dam. Then we can also save around 34 percent on 3 star hotels by paying only 137$. The 50 percent discount offer is only up till end of this month June. It can be said that accommodation is Paris is expensive than Southern France. But overall accommodation is quite high in both the places. But there are some cheap hotels for sure. For more information you can check the website booking.com.


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