Now Whiskey to fuel your car

Written by  14 Jul 2008 1934

Apart from giving that euphoric feeling, the invigorating properties of whisky will soon be used for running cars, and keeping school kids warm. Researchers at the University of Abertay are creating bioethanol from mash, a whisky by-product, which might act as a principle substitute fuel for vehicles.

Bioethanol is created from sugar fermentation and can be added to petrol to make it cleaner and greener. Professor Graeme Walker, an expert in biotechnology at the university, suggested that once the technology was fully developed it could be adopted by distillers, reports Times Online .

The most popular stimulating liquid will also be utilised for keeping school kids in Britain warm. Starting 2010, a replacement building for Tynecastle High students will use waste heat from the nearby North British Distillery.

The new school, to be built on McLeod Street in the capital, will use an innovative system to cut its energy bill dramatically. Water supplied from the school will pass through a heat exchanger, which will be warmed up by the waste heat produced by the distillery.

Marilyne McLaren, education convener said: "This agreement demonstrates how a creative answer can be found within a local community through our school working closely with local businesses."


Aarti M
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