With so many products out in the market its difficult to select the correct one for you. But as usual i am sure many are still searching for ways to use the telephone without paying.

Nothing wrong in it. Why pay when you can get it for FREE. I am not writing this article to put companies out of business. I am just sharing some tips and tricks which can save you loads of money. Ofcourse this applies to people living in the UK. Some might be applicable to people living outside the UK too ..

So here it goes..

1) CALL 0800s FREE from Mobiles : As you all know freephone calls are not free from your mobile. Call a freephone number and it can cost you around 60p per min. Have you ever wondered if you could use a local number to call 0800s, 0500s or 0808s ?? Yes you can. A service is available to call all these freephone numbers using monthly inclusive minutes. Visit www.0800buster.com and they give you an local access number to call all freephones using your monthly inclusive minutes.

Monday, 14 July 2008 12:19

First Time in India with Free SMS

EEZYSMS.COM is now providing free SMS in India to any mobile within India with unlimited SMS and an SMS of 120 chars which is highest in India till date when compared to any other service provider.




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