Introducing Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1

17 November 2019

Ubuntu Eee is better than ever, by its sporting brand new interface, enhanced hardware support, and dozens of fixes. Check out the new Ubuntu Eee 8.04.1 and how you can have your mobile computing more productive than ever!





How Did I Migrate From Windows To Linux

17 November 2019

There are many users and developers who want to step into different OS mainly Linux or Mac.

The question that comes in everyone’s mind is, shifting from current system to new can hamper their work or what if some applications does not exists in the new OS.

Well, same thoughts must have come into everybody's mind when planning to move from Windows to different OS.

Politics and its Criminalisation in India

17 November 2019

Criminalisation is rampant in politics and has become one of the major issues. It is of immense concern among both Indian administrators and the intelligentsia.

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