Your Guide to Choosing the Right Motherboard for Your Computer

17 November 2019

Are you building a new PC and don’t know where to start from? Assembled PC’s are not only more budget friendly than branded units but are also customizable according to your needs. The most important component of your PC is the motherboard. It is crucial that you get this component right. Use this article to guide you through the process of choosing one.

Why Should You Consider using External USB Hard Disk Drive

17 November 2019

The need for storage is an unquenchable one, especially due to the fact that we are living in the boom of digital media age. Everything that we use in today’s world has a digital version of it. Be it the pictures of your favorite wedding reception, or videos of your office party or documents

Basic Operating System Tips for more Performance

17 November 2019

Almost all households today own either of a PC, laptop or a netbook or all of them. Computers, as they can be broadly categorized as, have become a necessity of the modern day household and life.

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