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Tahiri- Step-by-Step quick and yummy Sindhi dishBy Sindhi SwaadTahiri is also known as "Mitho bhat". Mitho bhat gets its name from "Mitho" meaning sweet and "Bhat" meaning rice. Tahiri is made in all Sindhi households on "Cheti Chand" (the Sindhi New Year). It is an offering as prasad to Jhulelaal.
Sindhi Lolo (Easy Step-by-Step Sindhi breakfast)By Sindhi SwaadSindhi Lolo is a traditional comfort food, which can be had in breakfast or as a dessert after meal or at evening tea time. It is specifically made on Sitla Saatam by Sindhis. Do try it and bring that Sindhi Swaad to your very own home.
Dal Pakwan (Step-By-Step Authentic Sindhi breakfast)By Sindhi SwaadDal Pakwan is one dish every that is craved not by only Sindhi's but anyone who has had before. Dal Pakwan is a Sunday special breakfast, when entire family is leisurely at home. Thanks to lockdown, all days are Sundays 🙂 Dal pakwan is a Typical, Authentic Sindhi breakfast. The puris are made with Maida and are crisp, deepfried and not puffed. This puris are flavoured with pepper and ajwain. These puris are served with special dal, this dal is made with Chanadal. Dal Pakwan is made special only by topping dal with special chutney made with coriander and tamarind. You may then top with chopped onions also well.
Dilpis – Sindhi SweetBy Sindhi SwaadDilpis - Sindhi Sweet is a very simple, easy and delicious Sindhi sweet dish- which melts in your mouth. It can be made in a jiffy. Dilpis is usually made on festivals like Sitla Saatam and Diwali. Come try this 3-ingredient-sweet and bring the Sindhi Swaad to your very own home.